Magento New Site Development

Magento New eCommerce Site Development

Magento is a great eCommerce package - almost everything you want comes in the software. It also has an excellent theme framework and is open source.


The first thing that you need to decide is the budget - the key cost drivers are
  • Version - Community edition (free) or the paid and supported Enterprise version.
  • Special features that are not available either out of the box or in the plugin marketplace.
  • Hosting - based on expected traffic

Site features

Features of the site that you think are a must have. For example, would your site cater to your business partners? Have you studied your customers to know what features they are looking for?

Theme Selection and Customization

There are excellent theme online shops and marketplaces - themeforest, to name a few. To bring up a new site today, you would select a theme you think gets closest to your aesthetics and features and we could then customize it to your needs.

Signup for Payment Gateway

Depending on the countries you are targeting you need to decide which payment gateway service would best suit you. Most payment gateways come with a extension that integrates into Magento. Some, like Paypal comes built in. Would you be doing Cash On Delivery or Cheque on Delivery orders? Would you accept Purchase Orders?

Signup for Shipping

How would you ship when you get an order? Your customers might expect that the tracking number of the shipment may be easily accessible to them. Magento comes pre packaged with integration with DHL, UPS and USPS. Sercices such as Aftership will allow you to integrate into a wider variety of shippers from around the world.

Integrate with a chat or voice based customer service

Chat based services help conversion - when a prospective buyer has a doubt they need to know who to talk to.

Get trained

Ensure your backend staff is trained to handle the orders. Would you get phone orders?