Magento Managed Hosting

Magento Production Managed Hosting

Why Hosting Support from Rrap Software?

How many hours of unplanned downtime did your magento store face in the last month? Our customers had nearly no downtime due to hosting related issue. Including external issues such as Denial of sercice (DoS) attacks, the downtime was .05%, giving our customers 99.5% uptime. This is averaged over the past 12 months. Most of our customers were used to downtimes - due to factors such as capacity problems. When you signup for our service, we study your traffic pattern and advice on the best hosting option. We then setup monitoring to ensure we can correctly size the site hosting requirement.
In 2014 alone, there were 4 instances where the operating system had to be patched, some requireing a reboot. If you did not patch, you are leaving your site vulnerable.

But my hosting provider gives me service!

It is pretty easy to signup for a cloud hosting provider today and get their help to get hosted. However, to get the most out of a Magento site, you need expertise to help tune the hosting as well as keep it secure. Reputed hosting providers generally do a great job at OS level support.
However, Rrap Software offers you a full stack support : OS + web server + Magento level support.

Our hosting group offers the following services :

Performance Tuning

nginx + php-fpm vs apache

A typical hosting service would give you apache hosting. We prefer ngnix + php-fpm over apache, especially if you host media files or high traffic landing pages on your server. If you do use Apache, we ensure you only load those packages that are important to run the Magento site. In either case, the configuration files have to be tuned. We have expertise in tuning the configuration files that would best suit your need to get the best outcome.

No CPanel

CPanel is a great piece of software written to ease the life of shared hosting service providers. It offers them an ability to partition each users (you) of the same shared server and give them self help. However, it consumes resources and restricts how you can run things on the server. To get the most of your eCommerce server, you need to host with only that what will help your eCommerce site to run better.

Redis Cache

Magento performs significantly better with Redis, both as a backend cache as well as a session cache.

Database tuning

mysql needs to be tuned to give the best performance - specifically cache size.



While not mandatory, all eCommerce sites should get themselves PCI certified. A certification scan would help to ensure you site is as secure as can be. Our best hosting practices ensures that your site would pass the PCI certification.

Active Monitoring

We install monitoring software (such as Munin or Zabbix) on your server to help monitor your site. We then take proactive action based on the results we see or inform you of patterns we see.

Daily Web Master Reports

Each day we view all log files for patterns, security threats and thresholds and provide a health report over email.

Magento Support

Queries on use of Magento

Mangeto is feature rich software. If you have a question on how a feature works or need a how to guide to help your operations, you can ask us as part of our Managed Hosting.

Installation of plugins

We provide expert service in installing plugins. Vendors generally charge $50 to $100 a plugin for installation and configuration.

Versioning, Staging and Backup

Versioning and deployment scripts

We help add more reliability to your site by versioning your sources using either our internal resources or github. We then have custom deployment scripts to ensure known versioned sources go to staging and production.

Staging site

We help you setup a staging site, either on your main server (not encouraged) or on another server. Our deployment process ensures you can trace what sources are being viewed on staging. Increase reliability of your deployment process.


We help you take regular and automated backup of your site and database. Site backup includes configuration files which are versioned. We have documented restore procedures that we use to restore your site, in case of catastrophic failure.