PSD to Magento Service

PSD to Magento Service

Rrap Software is a full service Magento developer with 100% certified Magento developers. Our PSD to Magento service is second to none. Unlike typical PSD to HTML, PSD to Magento requires some php developer tasks. For example carousel images require admin support for uploading images.

Our famous 4/7 power pack - 4-page pack (Home page, category page, product detail page and cart page) implemented in a 7-day sprint. All our theme development uses Sass and our deliverables include a complete theme, one or custom admin pages for configuration, custom module if needed, static blocks. The delivery is either as a tar.gz or commit to your git repository. We use a default 1.9.x Magento as our development site. Priced at one low fee, this ensures you get no surprises.

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How does our famous 4/7 power pack work?
  • Step 1 : Review of PSD before we start. We collect your PSDs and review to tell you if we have questions on the PSD. Some designs cannot be converted to Magento due to its block structure. This review will identify if the PSD has an implementation issues.
  • Step 2 : Once the PSDs are verified, we give you options of a start date on our calendar. We will also give you the expected end date, typically 7 days from the start date.
  • Step 3 : If you accept, we sign a contract and you make ½ the payment before the start date.
  • Step 4 : A demo site is setup on day 1. Each day the work is updated on the demo site, allowing you to see the progress and give comments.
  • Step 5 : Delivery date : site is ready and you get the deliverables.
  • Flat fee for 4 pages : USD 4000.
Topups available
  • Build on existing site / db. USD 500 setup fee will apply. We will take your existing site and sample database. The entire theme will change to a new theme.
  • Use of pre-developed custom blocks. USD 200 per block. This may require modification to the block to confirm to the PSD created. Examples include store locator, postal code check, etc.
What does it not cover?
  • Feature development – no feature development embedded in the PSD will be implemented. Examples include store locator, zip code based shipping availability, etc.
  • Checkout page
  • Static pages or blocks
  • Design services to create or modify the PSD.

If you need any of these, please call us for a quote. We have custom development services from certified Magento developers to cover these.

Our terms of employment require all our new uncertified hires to be certified within 6 months.