Magento Custom Feature Development

Magento eCommerce Custom Feature Develpoment

Magento is a great eCommerce package - almost everything you want comes in the software. If you think of a feature, you are sure to get many extensions that will fit your requirement. But, there are times you want that special feature that will set your site apart from others. Rrap Software is qualified to develop custom features for your site.

Typical projects

Checkout process customisation

The standard magento checkout process defines an industry standard. Get the billing and shippping address followed by shipping options followed by payment options and then confirm the order. However, in order to not loose customers in the checkout process, many sites would like to customize the flow. Do you want the country / state / city of delivery to be specified at the start of the checkout flow? Would you want to skip shipping, since you do free shipping on all orders? Would you want the visitor know how much more he needs in his cart to qualify for free shipping?

Targeted microsites

Can you segment your customers to make microsite for each segment? Menus for different customers or completely different stores - using and customizing Magento multi-site. Or perhaps landing page development to target market - your ads redirect to a specific landing page with a "Add to Cart" or "Pay Now" button.

Integration to your backend

Magento can import or export data from external systems - stock and product information is generally imported, order and customer information is generally exported.

The economics of custom development

Calculate ROI

Custom development is not cheap - so the ROI from such a development effort has to be understood. It has the potential to increase your sales many fold - provided you invest in the right projects.

Custom development vs plugin

Adding too many extensions/plugins will easily add features, but will definitely slow down the performance of the site. The reason why a plugin slows down a site is that the authors of the plugins have to generalize their code. Which means they have to write the code for every possible situation. As code size increases, the speed of execution will drop. Site speed is a big factor in user experience.