Conversion in eCommerce

Conversion in eCommerce

Once you have traffic driven to your store, you need to make sure the traffic results in a purchase. This will reduce your cost of marketing per item sold and result in improved profitability. This is the right half of our traffic pie.

You cannot improve what you do not measure

The first step is deciding what you want to improve and how you will measure it. Our traffic pie indicates 5 types of visitors to your site.
  • Paying customer : Has completed the purchase process and is a conversion. Congratulations! The next line of action would be to put this customer back into the funnel to improve the possibility of a revisit.
  • Abandoned cart : Has added items to a cart and visited the cart page, but has not completed the purchase.
  • Lost in browsing : Has viewed many products, possibly added some to cart or wishlist, but not ready to start the purchase process.
  • Not ready - will come back : Has viewed many products, possibly trying to comparison shop, but is not ready to buy.
  • Casual visitor : Possibly clicked on an ad out of curosity.

Let us consider each one of the non converted visitors.

Abandoned cart

You have an abandoned cart if a registered visitor has added items to the cart but not checked out. The user has shown interest in a product and we know the customer. In under 8 hours of the visit, an email reminder to the customer should be sent with a link to checkout. You may include a discount coupon the customer could use, or automatically apply a discount to the cart and inform the customer. Measure how effectively you convert such customers.

Lost in browsing

The visitor is a registered user, otherwise they are not ready. Magento automatically adds the products to a recently viewed list and you can decide to show that in the browsing flow as a reminder. An email campaign to a registered user might be a good idea. Automatically detecting this and popping up a help message or a coupon code would be another idea. What technique you use depends on the products you sell and the rate of this happening. A appropriately configured analytics setup would help decide how often visitors view various products and conversion for specific products. Improving search and making the search bar more prominent may also help to bring down a high lost in browsing count.

Not ready - will come back

This is a typical guest vistior, possibly having come to your site based on an ad or affiliate campaign. In order to ensure the user comes back, we need to define our goal to have the customer register. A guest user's only contact is the browser session - once the visitor leaves the session we have lost him or her. An appropriate offer could be made based on the length of the visit and possibly products viewed. This is generally expensive to implement, but worth if your ratio of registered to unregistered users is very high.

Casual visitor

A new and aggressive ad campaign will increase this count and is a waste of money. A casual visitor would be typified by a very high drop off rate from a campaign with under 2 page views or many category views and no product views. The best way to reduce this is to adjust your traffic source.

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